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Meals Made EASY!

  • Can you imagine what it would feel like having delicious & healthy plant-based meals custom-made for you based on your preferences, so you can decompress after a long workday?

  • Wouldn't it be amazing if you didn’t have to spend hours figuring out WHAT to eat all the time (isn’t being an adult fun? ha), only to get frustrated and order take-out, instead of eating a colourful and nutritious meal?

  • Want to eat more plant-based meals but don't have the time, energy, or skills to prepare healthy balanced foods that will leave you feeling satisfied?

Let me help you!


Next-Level Plant-Based Boxes



I am truly passionate about helping you eat more plants and making eating healthy EASY!

Prepared Meals

All meals are 100% plant-based, with gluten-free options.

I create a new menu every week for you to choose from or I can create a custom menu for you!

Cooking Classes

Want to learn how to make plant-based meals?

I can come to your house and teach you tips, tricks, and answer all your questions.

I'll even share my favourite recipes with you.


Want to live a healthier lifestyle but not sure where to start?

Maybe you want to incorporate more plant-based meals into your weekly rotation?

Grocery Store

I get it, it can be overwhelming figuring out which products to buy when there are so many options to choose from!

We will meet at the store and I will show you my favorites.


Have a special event and don't want the stress of preparing delicious food that everyone will be talking about?

I can provide catering for groups of 50 and under.

Meal Plans

Enjoy cooking but lack the experience when it comes to making plant-based meals?

I will prepare a meal plan based on your goals and preferences and I'll even provide a grocery list!

Plant-Based Eating Isn't Boring!

Want a well-deserved break from cooking?

Hi, I'm Karine Lang.

I've been plant-based for over 18 years and I live in Carleton Place with my husband (who I call a flexitarian), my 2 step-daughters, and Tashi my rescue dog from California.

I have a background in event planning (I love planning classes, workshops, & retreats) as well as fitness (back in the day I was a personal trainer, and taught Spin, Bootcamp, and Pilates classes).

I'm also a Life Coach - for the last 5 years, I dedicated my time to helping people find love (what can I say, I'm a hopeless romantic)!

Now I'm dedicated to helping people eat more plants.

I LOVE showing people how truly amazing plant-based foods can taste.

I promise you that my food is NOT boring, and you won't be hungry after you're done eating!

I've always had a passion for cooking, and over the years I've stepped up my healthy cooking game.

I have deadly food allergies and rarely eat at restaurants, and I'm ok with that because eating at home saves money and it's so much healthier!

I prefer cooking with whole plant-based foods and legumes and making lots of things from scratch.

I would love the opportunity to work with you whether it's cooking you delicious and healthy meals, teaching you a new recipe, or coaching you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Reach out to me if you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them: 613plantbased@gmail.com


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